This site is dedicated to genealogy research of the surname Pentecost, Penticost and Pentacost.  We represent many branches and the researchers may or may not be related.   Our intent is to provide a resource for those researching our family name, and a medium for those who wish to publish their research.  These lines are put together from Census, Marriages, Birth, Death, Land and Family Bible records, Etc.  If you have proof of corrections to any of these lines please let us know.

Note to our researchers.  All of our main lines are Caucasian with the exception of the Miles Pentecost, Hamilton (Hamp) Pentecost and Austin Pentecost,  Jane Pentecost, Joseph Pentecost (Georgia),  Sidney Pentecost lines which are African-American . Clarence Joseph Pentecost and Redmond Pentecost lines are mixed, black and white. I'm not certain of the make up of all the orphan lines.

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(1790 thru 1920 in progress)

Our attempt to identify every Pentecost, Penticost, and Pentacost census record, provide an image of the record and do our best to transcribe the record.



The Family of:                                                       Researcher(s)
Anna Pentecost Housh Jean Dalrymple 

     (  January 18, 2002 )

Charles Pentecost of Sussex, Eng. Lynne Mee 

(January 03, 2001)

Charles Pentecost Andrew Pentecost 

(May 29, 2000)

Clarence Joseph Pentecost Tai Pentecost Powell 

( August 05, 2000)

George Pentecost of Sussex, England
( branch resides in England )
Ann Pentecost

( October 28, 1999)

George S. Pentecost of England>Virginiaupdate.gif (1811 bytes)
Debbie Pentecost McNabb
William Robert Akridge

(  June 14, 2005 )

George Samuel Pentecost of SC>TX Alton Gayle Rogers

Isaac Henry Pentecost of New Zealand 

William Cook Pentecost of Australia

Ronald Pentecost

 Isaac Henry line   (January 17, 2001)     William Cook line   (March 18, 2004) 

John Pentecost of England Lorna Pratt

( August 30, 2000)

John Pentecost of Indiana William R. Pentecost
Michael Pentecost

( February 25, 2004)

Miles Pentecostupdate.gif (1811 bytes)

( June 17, 2005)

Phillip Pentecost Karmen Carroll

( May 09, 2002)

Robert Pentecost of Louisianaupdate.gif (1811 bytes) Ronald Clark

( June 17, 2005)

Samuel Pentecost of Cornwall Mark Leahy

( November 17, 2000)

Scarborough & Rachael Pentecost of Virginia(last updated: December 15, 1998) John Wesley Pentecost

Scarborough Pentecost     (October 23, 2003)

Scarborough & Mary Pentecost of Virginia
Formerly Francis Pentecost
Lynn Beavers Chatham
Marie Blocher

(  December 08, 2003)

Stephen Pentecost/Pankhurst  England > Australia Raymond Pankhurst
Thomas Pentecost of England John F. Pentecost
Carol Robinson

(November 07, 2001)
(formerly the family of William Pentecost of PA)

William Pentecost of Charlotte Co., VA &
  Obedience Mann
Jan Bollmeier

( March 25, 2004)
(formerly known as family of John H. Pentecost)

William Pentecost & Lucy Johns of Virginiaupdate.gif (1811 bytes) Wayne Pentecost 
Jayne Hill

Carol Wilkerson

(June 14, 2005)


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Looking for Ancestors (families other than above)

The families of Albert of Eng., Albert Pentecost of Canada, Andrew of Eng., Austin,  Benjamin of Eng.,Bennettupdate.gif (1811 bytes), David, David of Can., David of Nova Scotia,  Dorsey,update.gif (1811 bytes)  Dennis of Eng.,  George of Kent,  George of Pulboroughupdate.gif (1811 bytes), Henery,  Henry of Kent,  Henry of Sussex,  Henry (Madron),   Horace,  Isaac, James,   Jane of Virgina, Jane of Cornwall, Jesse,  John of Can., John of Cape Nord,  John of Cornwall, John of Hoadly, John L., John of Mass., John of Mich.,   John of Sussex,  Joseph of Cornwall, Joseph (Kent),  Joseph William,   Lewis,  Mahlon & Alvarenos,  Mary,  Miles Albert,   Oliuer (Oliver),  Redmond,  Richard (Crowan),  Samuel (Matthew),  Sarah of Va.,   Simon,   T. Pentecost, Thomas of Sithney, Thomas (St. Keverne), Verne Reynolds, Walter Edward Pentecost-Kent, William of Eng.,  William, William H. Pentecost,


PENTECOST Census Record Transcription Project

(U.S. 1790 -1920 in progress)       (England now in progress)        

(Canada now in progress)

Pentecost Coat of Arms

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